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Iron ore is a fundamental component in steel production, with approximately 90% of global production being utilized for this purpose. Iron ore deposits vary in their composition, but the most sought-after quality for steelmaking is characterized by high iron content and low impurities.

We offer a comprehensive range of iron ore products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our portfolio includes fines, lumps and concentrates, catering to various industrial requirements. We provide both low and high-grade iron ores, with iron content ranging from 57% to 67%, ensuring a wide selection to suit different applications.

For customers seeking low silica ores, we have specifically curated options with silica content ranging from 2% to 5%. Low silica ores are highly desirable in industries where the presence of silica can negatively impact the efficiency and quality of downstream processes, such as steelmaking and iron production.

Our range of products include typically:

• Iron ore lumps 65%

• Iron ore fines 57%-62%

• Iron ore concentrates 65%-67%

New product

Fe/Mn Sinter Feed

• Native low gangue (SiO2 +Al2O3) contributes to lower slag in BF.

• Native CaO content allows lower use of limestone in sinter.

• Native MgO content allows lower use or total replacement of dunite, serpentinite, dolomite, etc used for slag fluidization in BF.

• Native Mn content has results in savings for ferroalloys usage in BOF.

Our feed can replace a medium-grade sinter feed (60-62% Fe, based on low SiO2, high CaO + MgO). Also, it reduces the consumption of ferroalloys (specifically ferromanganese) in the steel shop, as the Mn in pig iron increases, depending on use in sinter, from 0.1-0.2% to 0.7-0.9%.This feed is suitable all year round including winter (very low moisture content).

Just in time

We work closely with the customer to meet their needs, align with their production planning & subsequent changes to deliver the appropriate quanities on time. This requires constant flexibility and focus on the entire logistic chain both in terms of volumes and alternative routes. Given the increased uncertainty in the market in the last years driven by conflics, draught/ ice blockage and limited transport means, we have succesfully adapted our routes to meet any demand.

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